✅ NOW YOU KNOW: The Outright Truth About Chemtrails Geo Engineering

www.AllSeeingHeart.org YouTube Channel: “…please Take Action and Spread the Knowledge Forward! www.AzimuthalEquidistant.org “…we’ve been observing airplanes spraying over our skies for years; but now it is offical in 2017 according to harvard university and david kieth! Read this article while watching the video so you’re in the know: https://www.technologyreview.com/s/60…

They completely destroy the beautiful, natural, blue sky we all know with a milky, disgusting, unnatural demonic sky – a sky so foreign to kids and adults alike that they had to invent new classifications of clouds (there was even a series of US stamps released to introduce the so-called new clouds).

Let’s raise our consciousness together and stop this madness – there is no ‘globe’, and hence there is no ‘global’ warming; climate change has been proven by ‘real scientists’ to not be a problem at all! So stop the spraying already! Rise up, enough is enough – SAY NO – if not for yourself, for the poor kids, especially the hungry and physically abused ones. Is this the absolute best humanity is capable of? If so, the kids have no chance as we delve deeper and deeper into the abyss of conformity. Godspeed.”

✅ Lawsuit Filed Against Spraying Our Skies – It Is Coal Fly Ash We Are Breathing


Pushing Back Against Climate Engineering, Canadian Lawsuit Is Filed

Legal action has been filed and is now underway in Canada that will greatly assist with the global effort to expose and halt the ongoing climate engineering assault against the planet and the entire web of life. For over a year GeoengineeringWatch.org has been communicating with and forwarding data to Canadian attorneys (in addition to the US team of attorneys we are working with) in the effort to get legal action in motion. This effort has now reached fruition, Geoengineering Watch wishes to express our most sincere gratitude to the attorneys in Canada (and the US attorneys) for their diligent and ongoing work in this most critical battle. Excerpts from the Canadian legal filing are below.


Nature of the Proceeding:

1. This is a mass-tort and environmental Proposed Class Proceeding in respect of the spraying into the atmosphere of toxic substances and particulates by the Defendant that is dangerous to human health, destructive to the environment, and has caused meaningful economic damages. (Read Full Article Via Link Above).

The principal components of bituminous coal fly ash are silica, alumina, iron oxide, and calcium, with varying amounts of carbon, as measured by the loss on ignition (LOI).

April 2017 Pictures of Airplanes Spraying the Skies in Toronto / Central Ontario, Canada:





BLOG: Stop Toronto Chemtrail Spraying: