✅ Raw Full Moon Shots Toronto Canada

Enjoy a Super Zoom in with a Nikon P900 model digital camera at 83x zoom. We think that the way the “light” behaves from the moon regardless of phase is notable <in relation to the Sun>.

WOW, Nikon’s digital camera technology nowadays is mind-blowing, the fact we mortal humans can now zoom in on a “Moon” or “Planet” or whatever we see with our own eyes is empowering.

Can you imagine we could have high definition pictures of our Earth <Heart> available to us online right now considering the high mega-pixel camera technology we have in our Smartphones?  They should mount a high def camera on the ISS or other “satellite” so that we can see our Earth clearly (without Photoshop manipulation), like these Moon shots:

✅ Flickering Stars’ Name Is Vega

That Star’s name is Vega! It looked different this night; these pictures were taken very stably on a tripod. The capture was very still, with the shutter set to the 10 second timer which allowed further stabilization of the image/focus.

The purpose of the this website is to show pictures of the Sky above us as realistically as is possible; raw, as seen through the lens itself. All the images posted here are raw, with no editing of the photo shapes or colours, natural. I myself find them quite amazing; my curiosity is forever piqued.


The-Real-Vega-Star Real-Technicolor Real-Eye-in-the-Sky Peek-A-Boo-Star Inspiration Hidden-Beauty